Sense – Making Sense of Electricity Consumption

By Lloyd's Electric Service, Inc. | May 26, 2017

Making Sense of Energy Efficiency Making a home more energy efficient is often accomplished with additional insulation or replacement windows. But there’s more to it than that. Technology is at the point where we can look at every device in a home and find out how much energy it consumes. This is important because an…

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Caséta Wireless – Setting the Mood

By Lloyd's Electric Service, Inc. | May 11, 2017

Caséta Wireless – in this new digital era of homeownership, you’ll be able to control aspects of your living environment you never imagined.

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Outdoor Lighting – Brighten up the Great Outdoors!

By Lloyd's Electric Service, Inc. | May 1, 2017

Outdoor Lighting Every business needs some form of outdoor lighting. Regardless of your operating hours, as long as there is darkness, you’re going to need some light. Lloyd’s Electric Service are experts at outdoor lighting. Here are three reasons why you should install or upgrade your current site lighting system. Keep it safe Not only…

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How Much Power Do You Need?

By Lloyd's Electric Service, Inc. | Mar 10, 2017

At Lloyd’s Electric Service, we’ve tackled some pretty big projects, from churches and hospitals to major industrial manufacturing plants. But have you ever wondered how much electricity it takes to power some of the world’s largest structures? In 1913, President Woodrow Wilson turned on the electricity at the opening of the Woolworth Building in New…

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Industrial Electric, Commercial Service

By Lloyd's Electric Service, Inc. | Jan 20, 2017

Industrial Electric, Commercial Service Regardless of what kind of business you operate, you’re going to need one key item to succeed: power. Whether you need industrial electric or commercial service, from the smallest office to the largest manufacturing plant, nothing works without electricity. To be done right, utility work requires licensed and certified electricians and…

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Overhead Lighting Knoxville

By Lloyd's Electric Service, Inc. | Nov 25, 2016

Overhead Lighting Overhead Lighting can give you the best light possible, but it really depends on the rest of the lighting and how it is laid out. If you are looking for a brighter solution to your lighting woes, give Lloyd’s Electric Service a call. Lloyd’s Electric Service has the experience and the expertise to…

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Industrial Lighting Types

By Lloyd's Electric Service, Inc. | Nov 21, 2016

Industrial Lighting Types Industrial lighting is quite different to residential lighting, and so is the way it’s installed. If you are a DIYer and think you are good enough to tackle the industrial lighting project for your brother in laws new office building, think again. You may have stayed up late watching YouTube videos to…

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Solar in East Tennessee – The Facts

By Lloyd's Electric Service, Inc. | Nov 18, 2016

Solar in East Tennessee – The Facts When we talk about solar in East Tennessee, Lloyd’s Electric is qualified well outside the range of our native home. We can serve multiple states. Grid-Tied or Off-Grid? When looking to install a solar array at your home or business the first thing to consider is choosing a…

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Use An Industrial Electric Service Professional

By Lloyd's Electric Service, Inc. | Nov 11, 2016

Industrial Electric Service Professional Industrial electric service is a specialized field, and if you are considering using your handyman for the lighting in your new office building, think again. Your handyman may be adequate when it comes to installing ceiling fans and overhead lighting, but when it comes to industrial electric service; you need a…

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