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An Experienced Knoxville Electrical Contractor is Important

Choosing a licensed Knoxville Electrical Contractor can be mind boggling, especially if you don’t know the first thing about electricity. You can read a dozen reviews online, but how do you know if they are legit?

When you call Lloyd Electric Service for a quote, you can feel confident knowing that every Knoxville Electrical Contractor that works for the family owned and operated Lloyd Electric center has the experience and the expertise to get the job done right the first time.

A Knoxville Electrical Contractor brings power and lighting to people all over the planet. In the United States, the Knoxville Electrical Contractor industry is worth more than $130 billion every year with well over 70,000 Electrical Contractor companies employing people to help keep the lights on.

In layman’s terms, a Knoxville Electrical Contractor is a firm or licensed individual who specializes in Knoxville Electrical Contractor work that is related to the project designs, installation, and the maintenance of both communication and electrical systems.

The Line, or outside contractors are responsible for the power transmission of the high voltage power along with the distribution lines. It’s the line contractors that make sure that the electricity is generated at the power plants while being carried safely through those high voltage power lines as well as the substations, before that power can be used to power homes, buildings, facilities, and of course entire neighborhoods.

Lloyds Electrical was established in 1982 by Jim Lloyd and is locally owned and operated by three generations of Jim Lloyd’s family including his sons Doug and Brian, his grandson Jay and his daughter-in-law Debbie. As long-time residents in the Knoxville area, each member of the Lloyd family takes great pride in delivering high quality services to the customers they serve.

When it comes to electrical, solar, HVAC Systems, rewiring or any other Knoxville Electrical Contractor needs, contact the team of professionals who understand how important your power is.

With the Knoxville Electrical Contractor professional team from Lloyds Electric Service, you can feel confident knowing that your project, whether it is a remodel or a brand new build, will be completed on schedule, and most importantly, under budget.

For more information regarding Knoxville Electrical Contractor work, contact Lloyds Electric Service today.

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