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Is Your Breaker Panel Giving You Problems?

Is Your Breaker Panel Giving You Problems?


Also known as a panel board, load center or distribution board, the breaker panel is a steel box on your property that is installed to divide the electrical power feed in your electricity supply system to allow it to feed into other circuits. Your breaker panel also provides you with a circuit breaker or protective fuse in an enclosure.

Your breaker box holds a lot of voltage and while it is really one big switch, it is filled with smaller switches that lead to switches that you as the homeowner can turn off and on.

The breaker panel in your home turns the power on and off in order to protect your electrical wiring from damage. When your breaker panel “trips” because of an over current or electrical short, you may want to consider calling a licensed electrician. This is especially true if your power is exceeding its capacity on a regular basis. However, it is important to remember that a new breaker panel won’t give you more power.

Lloyd’s Electric Service explains that your home may need more power or an upgrade that will include a new breaker panel along with additional accessories such as an electrical meter or new cables.

Before you buy a new breaker panel, it is important to talk to a professional such as Lloyd’s Electric Service who will have a residential licensed electrician come out to your property to assess both your present and future needs when it comes to the electrical wiring in your home.

If your breaker panel is giving you problems, call and schedule an appointment with Lloyd’s Electric Service today.

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