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An Electrical Contractor, Not Your Neighbor

An Electrical Contractor, Not Your Neighbor

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Thanks to the World Wide Web people who would not normally attempt a job meant for an electrical contractor will try and do the job themselves. After all, if it is on the internet it must be okay for anyone to do it, right? Wrong!

According to Lloyd’s Electric Service in Knoxville, trying to add a few electrical outlets or rewire an old home can cause serious problems, even death.

If you are not a qualified electrical contractor, never attempt an electrical installation yourself. Only hire a licensed electrical contractor who is a professional. Doing the work yourself or having a neighbor hook up the electrical wiring on your new jacuzzi could land you in hot water, literally.

When you hire an electrical contractor from Lloyd’s Electric Service, you can depend on your property being safe, not to mention you or your neighbor being safe as well. If something should go wrong with the wiring process and you did not hire a professional electrical contractor, you or your homeowners insurance could be up against legal action if something should happen to your neighbor.

When you hire Lloyd’s Electric Service, you can be assured that you are getting a bonded and licensed electrical contractor. The work that is required, whether it is commercial or residential, will be matched with an appropriate electrical contractor who has the permits needed to complete the project.

If it is a big job and you do not have the proper documentation to get the job completed, you could be in trouble with your city or state.

Don’t do it yourself, call and schedule an appointment with the best electrical contractor in Knoxville, Lloyd’s Electric Service.

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