Always Hire a Licensed Electrician

Always Hire a Licensed Electrician


Hiring a licensed electrician is something that you should always do, especially if you are remodeling your home. If you are making changes to your property, you can paint the walls yourself or even refinish the floors if you are handy, but when it comes to the electrical system it is best to leave the job to a licensed electrician. Lloyd’s Electric Service is licensed and bonded giving you the satisfaction you need when it comes to hiring a licensed electrician.

When you attempt an electrical DIY it can be quite dangerous, and although there are plenty of videos on YouTube it really is best to leave it to a licensed electrician. This is especially true if the wiring in your home is faulty or old.

It may be tempting to hire a general handyman who has done electrical wiring in the past but rest assured, unless he or she is a licensed electrician you are taking a chance. If you hire a so called “licensed electrician” who isn’t really licensed, but moonlighting for a few extra dollars and that handyman gets hurt, you will be liable for the medical bills. Worse yet, if the product that was installed should start a fire or fail who is going to pay for the repairs to your home? When you hire a carpenter or handyman for the electrics in your home, chances are they have not been properly trained and are most likely not insured. There are certain things you can skimp on and do yourself, but not when it comes to electrical wiring.

Don’t take the chance. Call Lloyd’s Electric Service today for the best residential licensed electricians in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee!

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