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Solar in East Tennessee – The Facts

Solar in East Tennessee – The Facts

When we talk about solar in East Tennessee, Lloyd’s Electric is qualified well outside the range of our native home. We can serve multiple states.

Solar in East Tennessee - The Facts - Solar Panels on the roof of a house

Grid-Tied or Off-Grid?

When looking to install a solar array at your home or business the first thing to consider is choosing a grid tied system or an off grid system. When looking at solar in East Tennessee, this is one of the first considerations you will need to decide.

Grid-tied Solar in East Tennessee

A grid tied system is connected to the utility power grid, so there is no loss from the system since you get paid for all the power it produces. It offers no back up power and will not provide power if utility power is down, but it is available for all federal tax incentives.

Off-grid Solar in East Tennessee

An off grid system is not tied to utility power. If batteries are fully charged you are not able to capture more power but it can be used for a back-up power source or regular peer source, and it is not available for federal tax incentives.

Roof-mount or Ground-mount?

Another consideration is roof mount vs. ground mount. Most people choose ground mount for residential and commercial systems due to availability of land to install a system on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Solar in East Tennessee - The Facts - Workers on roof installing solar panels

Roof-mount Factors

For a flat roof, there are systems that do not penetrate the roof membrane and use a weighted ballast.  For roof pitches greater than 5 degrees, there are systems that use a lag bolt attachment to roof joists. When considering roof top, you should consult with a qualified roofer to determine the condition of your roof.

A solar array will generally last 30 plus years and most roof warranties are for 10-15 years. A qualified installer can work with your roofing contractor to seal any penetration on most of the new rooftop mounting options that have integrated flashings.

Ground-mount factors

For a ground mount you have to consider controlling access to the array due to DC and AV Voltages. There may be digging required for running conduit and wire from the array to an inverter depending on how far the array is from building. It may be required to dig and pour concrete from the footers to support racking.

Both roof-mount and ground-mount options have pros and cons and each installation is different.

Solar Install

Other Considerations for Solar in East Tennessee

There are a lot of options when it comes to installing a solar array at your residence or business. Our NABCEP qualified team can best help you make the right decisions for your installation. Since Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. is also an electrical contractor we offer turn key service on all of our installations.

From permitting to final inspection and commission of system, with over 34 years in the electric business we can take care of all problems or issues that might arise.


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