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How Much Power Do You Need?

At Lloyd’s Electric Service, we’ve tackled some pretty big projects, from churches and hospitals to major industrial manufacturing plants. But have you ever wondered how much electricity it takes to power some of the world’s largest structures?

In 1913, President Woodrow Wilson turned on the electricity at the opening of the Woolworth Building in New York City. This activated a whopping 80,000 light bulbs! The Woolworth Building required 87 miles of electrical wires and its own on-site generator. Technology has come a long way since then, but for the time, that was a powerful feat.

If you’ve ever been to Chicago, you’ve probably seen the Willis Tower, more commonly known as the Sears Tower. When construction was completed back in 1973, workers had laid more than 25,000 miles of electrical cable. There are 145,000 light fixtures in the building, and 104 elevators. It takes a lot of electricity to keep that building in operation!

The tallest building in the world is in the desert oasis of Dubai. The Burj Khalifa boasts 200 floors and is 2,700 feet tall. Its electrical needs require it to have its own substation, located on the 155th floor. At maximum draw, the Burj Khalifa pulls 36 million watts of electricity. That’s the equivalent of 360,000 100 watt light bulbs, all burning at the same time.

Your home or business may never have these kinds of electricity needs, but when it’s time to build or reevaluate your electrical wiring or consumption, give Lloyd’s Electric Service a call. Our consultants can give you some great ideas on how to save money on your electric bill.

We can even show you how to incorporate alternative energy sources, such as solar or stand-by generators. Lloyd’s Electric Service is located in Karns, TN. Call (865) 692-6700!

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