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Caséta Wireless – Setting the Mood

Caséta Wireless and Lloyd’s Electric Service

It’s amazing how far home technology has come in a relatively short period of time. Not long ago, we were plugging our lamps into clunky clock-based timers, hoping to control the lights in our homes when we were away. Now, we have smart devices designed to make managing the security of your home and its resources simple. One of our favorites is Caséta Wireless.

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Digital Homeownership Era Brings More Living Environment Control

In this new digital era of homeownership, you’ll be able to control aspects of your living environment you never imagined. All you need is a smartphone and a professional installation of Caséta products by Lloyd’s Electric Service.

  • Lighting Control – Brighten or dim the lights in any room. Adjust the brightness for different lighting fixtures in the same room to attain the perfect ambience. Raise and lower your window shades for added temperature control and mood-setting.
  • Home Security – Program your system to turn lights on and off randomly when you are away. It will look like you’re home, even when you’re not.
  • Geofencing – Control your lighting based on your location. Geofencing turns off certain lights and turns them back on for you while you’re on your way home.
  • Temperature Control – There’s no need to run the air conditioning or heat all day while you’re away at work. The Caséta system can set your central heat and air to whatever temperature you desire, whenever you desire, so you always come home to comfortable conditions.
  • Integration – The Caséta system merges seamlessly with items you may already own, such as Alexa, Apple Homekit, Xfinity, and Nest.

Caséta Wireless - infograph shows integrations including plug-in and in-lamp dimmers, remote controls, motorized shades, Lutron brand smart bridges, and the Lutron brand smart device app

Lloyd’s Electric Service can make your home a smart home and integrate the devices you already use. Your home will be safer, more comfortable, and incredibly awesome.

Give us a call at (865) 692-6700 to find out just how easy it is to have the smartest home on the block.

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