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Sense – Making Sense of Electricity Consumption

Making Sense of Energy Efficiency

Making a home more energy efficient is often accomplished with additional insulation or replacement windows. But there’s more to it than that. Technology is at the point where we can look at every device in a home and find out how much energy it consumes. This is important because an energy-efficient home filled with appliances that waste electricity doesn’t make sense. That’s where Sense comes in, another favorite here at Lloyd’s Electric Service.

Sense - the Sense brand logo, showing one of the Sense devices

Let Technology and Experts do the Heavy Lifting

Luckily for you, Lloyd’s Electric Service not sells and but also installs Sense.

Sense is a groundbreaking system that allows homeowners to gauge how much energy each electrical device is using. The user will be able to track energy usage the same way they track footsteps or the mileage of a car. Every device in your home sends out a different pulse, like a heartbeat, that the Sense system listens to. It takes a couple of days, but Sense will learn the heartbeats of all the electrical devices you own. Using a smartphone app, you will be able to see in real time how much electricity you use on a daily basis.

Making Data Easy and Manageable

Do you know how many hours your television is on during the day? Are you aware of how often your refrigerator’s compressor kicks on? You’ll know when the garage door opens or when a bathroom light is switched on. You’ll have a firm grasp on which appliances use the most electricity or are used most frequently.

Adjust Without Spending All Your Time Tracking it All

On a practical level, you’ll be able to adjust your usage, save money, and help preserve the planet’s natural resources.

Lloyd’s Electric Service has decades of experience in creating and maintaining efficient electrical systems for industry all over Knox County. We show the same kind of consideration and professionalism in our residential work.

Whether it’s the installation of a Sense system or a larger electrical project, call Lloyd’s Electric Service at (865) 692-6700.

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