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Back-up Power Generators

Back-up power generators are a good idea for a business or residence just to make sure that things keep running smoothly in case of a power outage in the area.

Sometimes though, having a generator saves lives. There are many people living with medical problems who could be in serious danger if a blackout were to continue for very long.

whole home generator

Maybe you have a loved one who is diabetic. If the insulin needed to keep them healthy goes unrefrigerated for long they could be in real trouble. There are others who need medical machines that they charge and carry with them or keep in their homes daily to stay alive.

Lloyd’s Electric Service’s skilled team of professional techs have been maintaining electrical systems in hospitals and nursing facilities in the Southeast for years, but these aren’t the only places where lives might be in peril due to power failure.

Consider the patrons and employees of any business. We are fortunate to have reliable electricity and city workers who are quick to repair damages and avoid these kinds of problems, but life is more certain when we protect ourselves.

commercial generator

As weather conditions continue to grow more unpredictable by the year, preparing your home or business for bad weather or other emergencies with a generator installed by Lloyd’s Electric Service is not only a smart choice, it’s a caring one.

Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. is a certified Power Pro dealer. This means that they meet Generac’s rigorous dealer requirements like high customer ratings, industry-certified technicians, and on demand product support and service. Lloyd’s Electric Service specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of emergency power generator systems for commercial and residential use.

For back-up generators or any other power projects you may have in mind, remember the professionals at Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc.

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