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Parking Lot Lighting – When to Retrofit and Replace?

In the complex world of property management, parking lot lighting is an important not enigmatic issue. How are you supposed to know whether retrofitting or modern fixtures are a better option for a specific site? Or the standard lighting ratio for a lot with 75 spaces within Knoxville city limits? Or whether it’s a better choice to use high-pressure sodium vapor luminaires versus LEDs? What about energy efficiency? Cost? Maintenance? There is a lot to consider. A call to Lloyd’s Electric Service is an excellent place to begin.

Lloyd’s Electric Service is regionally renowned for providing businesses with innovative parking lot lighting design and maintenance solutions that help generate a better bottom line without sacrificing quality.

For parking lot and site lighting, Lloyd’s Electric offers expert consultation and lighting design for businesses and other facilities with a desire to become more energy and cost efficient. Our skilled project leaders and crews work with property management to ensure projects are completed safely and with minimal disruption to daily operations.

Trydon®, now available from Lloyd’s Electric Service, is a perfect fit for sites in need of an efficient upgrade to curb unpredictable energy costs. Trydon® is retrofitted into current shoe box post fixtures utilizing the existing lighting design and system to provide illumination during peak hours. A cost effective, energy conscious solution, Trydon® can save 60% of the cost to operate lights returning the installation investment in under 3 years.

For parking lot and site lighting design, installation, maintenance, and consultation you can place your faith in Lloyd’s Electric Service’s experience – a trusted local company since 1982. Our skilled technicians have access to the best tools, training, and equipment available to attain the highest standard of excellence on every job.

For parking lot lighting questions or to schedule a consultation, contact Lloyd’s Electric Service.

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