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Nashville Telecom Services

In the Nashville/Central Basin region, Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. is building the future of telecommunications. With 5G networks cresting the horizon this year, big changes may soon be in store for Nashville homes and businesses. From residential and small commercial needs to corporate and industrial facility solutions, and for everything from upgrades and maintenance to home/facility automation and security, Lloyd’s Electric has Nashville connectivity needs covered from the ground up.

The skilled telecommunications technicians and experienced project leaders at Lloyd’s Electric Service have been helping to keep Nashville area residents and business owners connected since the Internet was young. As new technologies and innovations in wireless and wired connectivity have come along, we have remained in step and continue to provide the highest standard of service and skill to our residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

For Nashville homeowners, Lloyd’s Electric Service now offers sleek smart home integration products from our partners at Caséta Wireless. Caséta starts with light control and can be expanded to interface with other devices and appliances in your home to complete your home automation experience. Caséta Wireless integrates seamlessly with several other smart items you may already use like Amazon Echo/“Alexa”, Apple and Nest. With installation and support from our trusted telecommunications specialists, you will feel comfortably in control of features for security, comfort, functionality, and entertainment while you are home or away.

Eco-conscious consumers in Nashville and surrounding areas will be interested in Sense.  Sense is a new product that enables homeowners to monitor and manage the energy usage of each appliance and electrical device in their house. This allows users to maintain more economical power consumption, saving money and benefiting the environment.

Lloyd’s Electric Service has been known among Nashville business leaders for their dedication to the highest standards of professionalism, expertise, and service for years. In Nashville, Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. is your source for business telecommunications services.

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