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Parking Lot Lighting With Trydon®

At Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. we’re always on the look-out for unique and innovative solutions to help our clients save energy, money and time. In parking lot and outdoor site lighting, Trydon® has all the bases covered.

The Trydon Solution™ is a surprisingly simple and sustainable option for parking area illumination. Retrofitted into current outdoor light pole fixtures, Trydon® provides improved lighting during peak business hours. After hours, lights dim to conserve energy and money while maintaining adequate illumination for late night, low-traffic hours.

Trydon® fully utilizes current lighting systems retaining the value of premium fixtures and sustainably providing 10 years of maintenance free, energy efficient parking lot lighting.

In keeping with our dedication to expanding sustainable options in our community, Lloyd’s Electric Service has partnered with Synchrony Financial to offer affordable financing plans. With installation from Lloyd’s Electric and financing from Synchrony, it’s easy for business owners and property managers to upgrade to Trydon® for more cost-effective and efficient outdoor lighting.

Energy savings provided by Trydon® can pay for the system and installation by Lloyd’s Electric Service’s skilled techs in under 3 years. Trydon® also eliminates the cost of lighting maintenance for up to 10 years adding capital your business can put toward other improvements.

Trydon gives businesses improved illumination for parking areas as well as street credit in sustainability. Since the Trydon® system eliminates the need for costly replacement of current lighting fixtures, it, in turn, eliminates the emissions that would otherwise be created by the demolition of old fixtures as well as those that would occur in the manufacturing of new ones.

To discover how much Trydon® can save you visit Trydon’s website and try out their energy savings calculator or contact one of Lloyd’s Electric Service’s friendly representatives to schedule a consultation today.

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