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Commercial and Industrial Size Generators

Back in 1831, the brilliant scientist Michael Faraday built the first electric generator. Since then generators have become an indispensable tool for modern life. Manufacturers and institutions such as hospitals rely on commercial and industrial size generators to supply power in case of an outage due to grid issues or blackouts caused by severe weather.

commercial and industrial size generators

With the weather becoming more unpredictable by the month, generators able to carry commercial grade workloads are becoming more a necessity than a safeguard for many companies. As long periods of drought or frequent severe storms cause grid power levels to become more uncertain, high capacity generators are the choice solution for facilities reliant on electricity for productivity and revenue.

Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. is our region’s most trusted contractor for commercial and industrial size generators for both sales and service to ensure that businesses and institutions remain operational under blackout conditions no matter the cause. Our knowledgeable team will help to assess your power load requirements and recommend a generator that will best serve the needs of your industrial or commercial facility.

Lloyd’s Electric Service is a certified Power Pro dealer and service provider for Generac Generators. This means that all of our technicians meet the strenuous guidelines for professionalism and quality set forth by Generac. These guidelines include up-to-date training and certifications for all sales and service representatives, a rating of four or more stars on, provision of 24-hour service, well-maintained inventory of products and parts and at least 3 years of successful representation of the Generac brand name.

Generac also requires Power Pro dealers to provide financing options to customers. In this regard, Lloyd’s Electric Service brings the gold-standard. In partnership with Synchrony Financial, we can provide a range of affordable payment options to allow companies and institutions to attain commercial and industrial size generators to match solutions within their budgets.

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