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Residential Electrical Tips – Common Concerns

For residential electrical issues in East Tennessee, Lloyd’s Electric Service is available 24/7 to save the day. Today we will look at some common electrical issues that you may encounter as a homeowner.

Lights Out!

If you have replaced the same lightbulbs in your home over and over again because they frequently burn out, the most likely problem is wattage. Using bulbs with wattages too high for the fixtures in your home will often cause excess burnouts. Bulbs may even burst. The simple solution: buy a lower wattage bulb. Check the labeling on your fixtures to find out the max wattage and if you can’t find the info, try using 60 watts or lower. With modern bulbs, you can use fewer watts without losing brightness.

Smells/Sounds Like Trouble…

If you smell something burning, here buzzing or crackling, or see signs of heat damage near or on any switch or outlet in your home, there’s a solid chance that a residential electrical wiring issue is the culprit, and the problem could cause electrocution or fire if not dealt with quickly. Flip that breaker and give Lloyd’s Electric Service a call ASAP. One of our friendly technicians can safely identify and correct the issue.

Tripping Breakers?

If the power sometimes goes off in certain rooms or areas of your home requiring you to reset the breaker it’s likely you’ve got an overloaded circuit.  You may notice that this issue comes up when using high wattage appliances such as hairdryers, microwaves, and electric heaters.  If you are not able to remedy the issue by turning off other electronic devices on the same circuit, it could mean that an upgrade is necessary for the breaker or circuit panel.

Contact Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. to discuss options for any residential electrical problems you are having.

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