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Financing Electrical Projects with Synchrony

In nearly every facet of American life, we are presented daily with financial issues and concerns.

There are budgets to balance, prices to compare, bills to pay, accounts to manage and so on to infinity. It’s a struggle we all know. Once the bills are paid and necessities are budgeted out and every last duck is neatly in a row – something comes up. The water heater goes on the fritz or the HVAC unit unaccountably quits.

Even when there is no emergency, there are always those little projects and repairs that have accumulated over time like faulty outlets, HVAC units in need of upgrade or repair, a standby generator you’ve been meaning to buy in case of a power outage due to severe weather, a wiring upgrade, or a new home automation system. All of these little to-dos can seem difficult to tackle when you don’t have a lot of extra time and you’ve got a budget to keep in mind.

Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. can help. We offer practical financing solutions through Synchrony Financial that will help you get more done with less distress. Synchrony Financial is a reputable lender and in partnership with Lloyd’s Electric Service, they provide the financial freedom for our clients to have their projects and repairs completed quickly and without the need to save up for years, limit options, or sacrifice quality for affordability.

Whatever your project, whether it be rewiring an entire apartment complex, replacing outdated lighting in your home, upgrading to wireless automation, HVAC repair or simply replacing a few light switches, Lloyd’s Electric Service has the time tested know how and Synchrony Financial has financing options that make sense so you can make it happen.

For more information on electrical financing with Synchrony Financial or to schedule a consultation, contact Lloyd’s Electric Service today.

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