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Commercial Automated Control and Monitoring

Automation technology has become hugely popular among homeowners in recent years. You can manage and monitor just about any function in your home from anywhere you have wifi and a capable device available. It’s amazing that less than a half a century ago they were writing songs about how terrible it was to wait for a phone call or a letter, and today I can check the contents of my refrigerator in Knoxville from a hotel in Taiwan in mere seconds with the right appliance and software. But the benefits that automation offers for Industry are only now becoming evident.

Infrastructure automation for business facilities provides next level control and capability while lowering operating costs. Even small transitions like automated lighting systems and thermostats can save your company a considerably attractive penny. Expanded to monitor and manage manufacturing equipment, security systems, and other components, Automation can transform the way you do business forever.

Lloyd’s Electric Service’s expert telecommunications techs and electricians can design and install an automated system that caters to your operating needs whether you’re a start-up running out of a garage or a corporate powerhouse in a steel highrise.

With innovative energy monitoring solutions from TED (The Energy Detective) and Sense, Lloyd’s Electric Service gives you the power of data. Sense can provide you with information about the usage and energy consumption of each device in your office. TED offers systems designed to monitor power on an industrial scale for commercial facilities, as well as systems for smaller businesses.

Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. knows that budgets were not meant to be broken. In partnership with Synchrony Financial, we offer practical financing to allow our commercial clients the freedom to improve.

For more information about how commercial automated control and monitoring can benefit your business contact Lloyd’s Electric Service today.

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