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Planned Maintenance at LES Facility Service

Maintenance is a crucial aspect of business management. A planned maintenance agreement between your business and a respected service provider such as LES Facility Service can ensure that your business’s infrastructure remains in top condition to prevent downtime, decrease costs and improve the safety and functionality of your establishment.

LES Facility Service is a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. which means that you can count on the above average service that has made Lloyd’s Electric our area’s most sought-out source for excellent quality. Beyond electrical, to HVAC, code compliance, site lighting and much more, LES Facility Service has a strong tradition of working with clients to create effective solutions specific to their needs.

Planned maintenance from LES Facility Service offers the convenience of covering a variety of needs through a single service provider that is certified for safety and excellence.

LES Facility Service features include:

  • Filter Changes
  • Energy Usage Reports
  • Photocell/Daylight Savings Timers
  • Egress Lighting
  • Air Balance Testing
  • Generator Service
  • Code Compliance
  • Touch Ups
  • Thermal Scanning
  • Roof Drains
  • Server Room/UPS Maintenance

Planned maintenance for your establishment is one of the smartest investments you can make.

Keeping facilities and equipment well serviced and in good repair will ensure that your business is safe, comfortable and up-to regulatory standards while reducing costs.

Planned maintenance can save your business 25-30% in maintenance costs, eliminate equipment breakdowns by up to 75%, increase productivity by 20-25% and reduce downtime by up to 40% compared with other methods. On average, a planned maintenance agreement with LES Facility Service can give you a 10 fold return on your investment in savings and improved performance.

Call to learn more about our planned maintenance packages at (865) 692-6700. The specialists at LES Facility Service have more information on how these services can strengthen your business and we can schedule a meeting.

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