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Emergency Services at LES Facility Service

For professional, commercial, and industrial facilities, unexpected emergency maintenance or repairs can come up at any time causing safety hazards for guests and employees, as well as damaging the livelihood of your business. When a crisis like this occurs, tension runs high and It can be a challenge to find a competent service contractor who can help in a hurry. Thankfully, LES Facility Service is here to provide 24-hour emergency services for immediate relief from the anxiety of pop-up maintenance emergencies.

LES Facility Service is a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. newly expanded to serve the needs of commercial and industrial clients. LES Facility Service is proud to carry forward Lloyd’s Electric Service’s long tradition of above average service on every job. Our dedicated team leaders and site crews are expertly-trained, safety-certified and equipped with a fleet of specialized tools and machinery. This enables LES Facility Service teams to work safely and responsibly under nearly any conditions with minimal impact to your business’s regular operations.

From first contact to clean up and follow-up service, you can trust LES Facility Service to deliver outstanding professional repairs no matter the damage – even at 4:00 AM in the rain. A single call to LES Facility Service, any time of the day or night, 365 days a year, can save the day for your establishment whether the trouble is equipment, plumbing, structural, network, electric or HVAC. We provide solutions for a wide array of service areas, making LES Facility Service the only call you’ll ever need to make. This is true not only for emergency situations but for all of your facility maintenance needs.

So if the pipes freeze in your office, if your manufacturing equipment breaks down, if your hotel’s wiring is shot, if your restaurant’s HVAC unit is malfunctioning, if your telecom system goes on the fritz or if you find yourself in any predicament that demands immediate and quality-assured facility maintenance and emergency services from the most qualified team in the business, call LES Facility Service (865) 692-6700.

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