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Image shows a pressure gauge to illustrate that LES Facility Service handles pneumatic, mechanical, and electrical preventative maintenance along with other services.

Preventative Maintenance

Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. has been a trusted source for preventative maintenance and facility maintenance solutions in the electrical, mechanical, and datacom areas for more than three decades.

During our time in the field, we came to recognize a real need within the business community for a simplified way to manage all facility infrastructure maintenance from the top down. With this in mind, Lloyd’s Electric has expanded their facility service division under the name LES Facility Service to meet the needs of businesses throughout our area.

Preventative maintenance is an integral part of facility management. One of the wisest decisions a business owner or facility manager can make is to implement a preventative maintenance plan.

A preventative maintenance plan from LES Facility Service begins with a facility assessment to determine the status of all systems and identify maintenance needs. Once this data is collected, our experienced project leaders will work with you to create a cost-effective plan to correct any immediate issues and develop a long-term approach to maintaining all areas of your facility’s infrastructure from the inside out.

A preventative maintenance plan ensures that your facility is always in excellent condition, keeping equipment and systems functioning at their absolute best for uninterrupted productivity, safety, code compliance, and comfort for your guests and employees. A preventative maintenance plan from LES Facility Service saves money by preventing problems from arising before they become more urgent and more costly.

LES Facility Service’s preventative plans allow business owners and managers to focus on the success of their business. Our clients are secure in the knowledge that all of their maintenance concerns from HVAC to datacom are overseen by the best in the business.

For more information on how a preventative maintenance plan can help improve your business’s bottom line and overall performance, contact LES Facility Service today.

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