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New Services – Remodeling, Plumbing, Custodial, Landscaping

Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. has been an irreplaceable resource for area businesses with commercial and industrial properties for more than 30 years. In that time, the Lloyd’s Electric Service team has been on the frontlines of local development helping to design, build, and care for some of the most notable companies in the Southeastern United States.

From gas stations, restaurants and hotels, to office complexes and medical facilities, our experience spans an extensive variety of skill areas and working conditions. Lloyd’s Electric Service’s unique insight into the overall needs of our clientele and our dedication to excellent service make us the first choice for business leaders throughout the Southeast.

The expanding commercial and industrial facility services division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, LES Facility Service, is bringing innovative ways to simplify maintenance matters for business owners and managers.

While Lloyd’s Electric has provided commercial solutions in datacom, electric, lighting, and HVAC for decades, we are now pleased to offer a full range of services for comprehensive maintenance of commercial properties, business offices, and industrial facilities.

New Solutions From LES Facility Services


From painting to repairs, rebuilds and renovations, LES Facility Service can handle all of your structural maintenance needs.


LES Facility Service now provides complete plumbing services for facilities at every level from pipe and fixture installation to unclogging drains and system maintenance.


LES Facility Service now offers professional janitorial and cleaning services for commercial and professional properties.


New landscaping work from LES Facility Service can keep your property beautiful, safe and clean the whole year ‘round.

LES Facility Service is fully equipped to provide an all-inclusive approach to your business’s maintenance from the inside out. Our expertly trained and fully certified staff can help you build and execute a cost-effective maintenance plan that will make your business shine. Contact LES Facility Service for details.

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