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on call solutions for a safe and effective workplace

On-Call Solutions for a Safe and Effective Workplace

On-call solutions provide you with safe and effective maintenance that will keep your business facility running smoothly and efficiently. Without on-call solutions for a safe and effective workplace – your business could suffer, especially if an emergency should arise.

On-Call Solutions for a Safe and Effective Workplace

Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. created LES Facility Service to provide on-call solutions to help businesses thrive. With affordable on-call solutions for your facility, you can get back to business. Run your restaurant, construction company, medical center or any other business the way it should be run while LES Facility Service handles pop-up maintenance trouble.

If you own a business, you know how much time is spent on repairs and service. When you have a single company to handle problems and repairs, you don’t have to make endless calls looking for the best on-call solutions. LES Facility Service provides complete quality care for solar, electric, plumbing, telecom and more.

Time spent is time wasted; especially when you take into account how much time it will take to pay all of those separate invoices. When you work with LES Facility Service, you pay one company. Your invoice will be itemized according to on-call services eliminating the need for multiple checks and payments.

Having a licensed, bonded, and experienced on-call solutions provider helps eliminate emergency services. If you have your HVAC/Refrigeration unit inspected and serviced every year you can knock one task off your list. Take electrical, solar, networking, generators, plumbing, and remodeling off that list and you will be well on your way to more time doing what you are supposed to do, running your business. LES Facility Service can even take care of your outdoor sign repair, remodeling, painting, landscaping, parking lot, and office lighting needs.

Stop depending on your team for on-call solutions for a safe and effective workplace and call LES Facility Service today. You won’t believe the difference it will make to your productivity and your end of year earnings. Call for more information regarding on-call solutions today.

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