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John Simpson of Simpson Lawn Care Discusses his Beginnings

LES Facility Service has partnered with the best Knoxville area service providers we know to bring fully comprehensive facility maintenance to businesses throughout the Southeast. LES Facility Service’s clients can count on a great looking lawn with our friends from Simpson Lawn Care on duty.

Simpson Lawn Care delivers top quality commercial mowing and lawn services to many area businesses including Lloyd’s Electric Service. Founder John Simpson recently took time out to talk about how he got started and what sets his company apart from the competition.

Q: How did you begin your career in Lawn Care?

John Simpson: I started mowing lawns in my neighborhood when I was about 13, pretty much like any other kid.

I actually quit for a couple of years when I was 16 or 17. Then, I was cleaning as a custodian making about 7.25 an hour, part-time. I got done with a roughly 10 hour work week and that Saturday, a friend of mine needed his yard cut. So, I mowed his yard and it took exactly 1 hour. He gave me 40 dollars for that. When I sat down and compared my check for 10 hours and my forty dollars cash for one hour, the math spoke for itself.

When I first started doing lawn work again, I was using Dad’s old push-mower. There was a widow in the neighborhood with a riding mower that she never used. I made a deal with her to keep her yard up in exchange for the lawnmower. That made it possible for me to take on a lot more work.

Q: What makes your work better than other lawn care specialists?

JS: Probably 2 things: One is Image. My guys and I don’t wear cut-up blue jeans or old skateboarding shoes. We wear khaki pants, matching shirts, nice boots, and safety glasses. I think our professionalism sets us apart.

The other thing is care. Just like the name says, “ Lawn Care”. I really try to care for my customers. I ask questions to make sure I’m giving my clients exactly what they want. For instance, I will ask a first-time customer how tall they want their hedges and I will stand out there with the client and cut off a quarter of an inch at a time. They give me the thumbs up when they like it, and I make a note of that. That way, the next time I come out, I already know how that client likes things done.

Q. What are some pieces of lawn care equipment should every business owner have on hand?

JS: I’d say a good leaf blower and a good weedeater.

Q: Why is commercial lawn care so important?

JS: It’s like they say, ‘First impressions are lasting impressions’. Having that Clean professional image before you even get in the door, says a lot to customers.

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