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Commercial Painting Services and Property Maintenance Services

We can include commercial painting services in any property maintenance contract. Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., created LES Facility Service to provide local painting contractors and other skilled service providers to businesses throughout East Tennessee. We only send technicians who are licensed, bonded, and insured.

In addition to commercial painting services, LES Facility Service also provides on-call solutions putting an end to staff overtime. Leaving every man, or woman, to his or her trade is especially relevant when it comes to budgetary concerns. If you are relying on commercial painting services from your employees after hours or over the weekends it probably costs you more than you would like to pay. Fortunately, LES Facility Service takes care of your commercial painting services. This leaves your hardworking staff with the time off they deserve.

One Invoice for Multiple Services for Commercial Painting Services

When you hire the local painting contractors from LES Facility Service, you can take care of all of your property maintenance services with the same company. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive one invoice at the end of the month instead of 10?

Please schedule a quote to learn about how our experts will actually save you money. Ask LES Facility Service about a property maintenance services quote during their visit as well. LES Facility Service will surprise you with cost savings on facility services in addition to our painting services.

We recommend against performing painting services in-house. Our clients run into issues when a non-expert is used, even for painting jobs. Many clients often overlook needs such as commercial painting solutions when negotiating facility services. LES Facility Service can streamline your business with an effective property maintenance services contract.

Our clients rely on LES Facility Service. Our professional painters are the best in the business. Call for a no-obligation quote for commercial painting services from LES Facility Service today.

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