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professional plumbing services

Professional Plumbing Services for Commercial Business

Professional plumbing services should be conducted regularly. Prevention is key when it comes to your plumbing. Catching an issue early on helps avoid costly repairs that would not have happened in the first place had you scheduled regular plumbing maintenance with LES Facility Service.

Professional Plumbing Services with LES Facility Service

LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., provides plumbing maintenance and plumbing installation to commercial businesses and can custom design a solution for your facility. As a result, when you have regular inspections, you will save time and money.

Plumbing Tips From the Pros

Although regular plumbing inspections from LES Facility Service can prevent an emergency from happening, there are some things to watch for when it comes to your commercial plumbing.

Water Bills

One of the best places to start is your water bill. If you notice a sudden change, you could have a leak. Check the amount of your bill, but also look how many gallons your facility uses every month. This amount should remain the same all year, with some increase during the warmer months. If there is a drastic change, it’s time for professional plumbing services or professional plumbing installation.

Water Meter

Look at your water meter and take note of the amount. Shut off your water using appliances for an hour, turn back on, and recheck your meter. If the needle has moved it’s time to call LES Facility Service who can detect any problems that may require professional plumbing services or new plumbing installation.

Water Dye Test

Toilets with a slow leak between the tank and toilet bowl are quite common. Those slow leaks waste water. You can do a water dye test by placing a food color tablet in the top tank of your toilet. Liquid dye works as well. If the dye goes into your toilet within 30 minutes, you have a problem with your toilet.

Clean Drains Regularly

LES Facility Service recommends that you professionally clean your drains on a regular basis. Scheduling annual drain cleaning will increase the life of your drainpipes while avoiding deeper issues in the sewer line itself.

For professional plumbing services, call and schedule an appointment with LES Facility Service.

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