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commercial building repair

Commercial Building Repair from LES Facility Service

Why Should You Hire a Professional for Commercial Building Repair?

Leave commercial building repair and commercial roof repair to a professional. Hiring your neighbor or co-worker to help with the project could have disastrous results.


Hiring LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., is the only way to assure repairs that pass inspection. That repair you and your neighbor made over the weekend may not be up to code. A fall off the roof is one of the most common reasons a repairperson ends up in the ER. LES Facility Service technicians arrive wearing licensed safety gear, carrying safety approved equipment.


Watching YouTube how-to videos doesn’t compare to years of training. In contrast to last night’s crash course in building repair, LES Facility Service has years of training, not hours. The bonded and insured building repair technicians attend classes and workshops to keep up to date with code changes. As a result, your building repair will be up to code and pass inspection.


Time is money, while additional time spent on weekends and after hours will affect you. LES Facility Service are the commercial building repair and commercial roof repair professionals that will get the job done with little, if any, disruption to the workplace.

LES Facility Service emphasizes the importance of a commercial building repair company to your bottom line. For this reason, you will regret signing a contract with the wrong repair company. A proper repair company will provide proof that they are licensed, bonded, and insured.

LES Facility Service provides licensed, bonded, and insured experts. Additionally, there are plenty of other reasons to choose LES Facility Service. In short, we focus on safety, quality, and experience.

In conclusion, you should not risk it. A fall off the roof will cost you more than you think.

For commercial building repair and commercial roof repair, call LES Facility Service today.

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