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Winning the LOTO: Lock Out Tag Out from LES Facility Service

Lock out tag out provides state of the art electrical safety for your facility, your expensive equipment, and your team.

What is Lock Out Tag Out?

LOTO is a safety procedure that is used in manufacturing plants, industry and research settings to ensure the safety of dangerous machinery. This means properly shut off equipment cannot start until repair or maintenance work has been completed.

Why are Lock Outs Necessary?

Industrial services require guarding devices or barrier guards on systems to keep workers safe during operation. When set-up, maintenance, repair or the removal of clogs or jams are performed, safety devices can be removed to protect employees from injury.

Lock Out Tag Outs Prevent

• Contact with any hazard during removal of safety devices
• Unintended hazardous energy release
• Unintended process, equipment or machinery motion or start-up

What is De-Energization?

De-energization isolates and disconnects from the energy source preventing energy release. When the system is de-energized, user harm is eliminated should the system accidentally, inadvertently, or unintentionally turn on.

Electrical safety is imperative for operation. LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service provides Lock Out Tag Out service that is comprehensive and affordable.

Lock Out Tag Out Training

With customer service that is second to none, LES Facility Service provides coordination, communication and training to all team members who are involved with the Lock Out Tag Out service.

For the electrical safety of your staff and your facility, you can count on LES Facility Service. LES Facility Service takes the guesswork out of electrical safety for everyone concerned. LES Facility Service provides professional industrial services like no other lock out tag out company.

For more information regarding lock out tag out and electrical safety for industrial services, call LES Facility Services today. The safety of your staff and equipment depends on it. Call now.

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