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Reliable Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration Repair

Avoiding HVAC and refrigeration repair is possible with preventive maintenance. LES Facility Service, a division of the long established Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., provides facility maintenance agreements to commercial buildings. While some companies only provide refrigeration and air conditioning service, LES Facility Service is a one-stop shop.

HVAC and Refrigeration Repair

One of the most important parts of HVAC and refrigeration is service. HVAC units cost thousands of dollars and will not be replaced if you did not adhere to the manufacturer’s warranty. Calling a handyman to repair your HVAC unit will not save you in the end.

LES Facility Service is licensed, bonded, and insured, and while you may have to pay a bit more to begin with, you will certainly save in the end.

The Difference Between Commercial and Residential

Commercial HVAC systems differ to residential refrigeration and air conditioning. In addition to being more complex, commercial HVAC systems need more power.

The location of a commercial HVAC system is also different. Installations take place in the backyard, or on the side of the home. Commercial systems are installed on the roof of the facility.

LES Facility Service has the experience and expertise to install your system in the right location considering everything, including drainage, unit manufacture and the complexity of the entire building. As a result, you can relax.

On Call Solutions with Immediate HVAC and Refrigeration Repair

A broken HVAC unit will put a dent in production. If your employees can’t stay cool during the workday, they will be unhappy and unable to perform to capacity while being uncomfortable as well.

LES Facility Service has a team on call for HVAC and refrigeration repair solutions. The qualified and experienced technicians will arrive ready to tackle the problem at hand. Consequently, if something cannot be repaired and your unit is still under warranty, LES Facility is the only call to make.

For immediate HVAC and refrigeration repair, call LES Facility Service. It’s going to be hot this summer and you want to be prepared. Call now.

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