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LES Facility Service: Complete Preventive Maintenance

With planned maintenance from LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., your equipment will run without incident.

Why Preventive Maintenance is Important

While a preventive maintenance program is essential, a planned maintenance program with LES Facility Service is vital.

You probably have a team of employees that handle additional tasks to their already overloaded workday. As a result, production will suffer due to time constraints.

Preventive maintenance with a planned maintenance program keeps your equipment running efficiently.

How Planned Maintenance Works

With a planned maintenance program from LES Facility Service, your facility will be inspected and maintained. If repair or replacement is necessary, the customer support team will give you detailed quote before any work is carried out.

Before your planned maintenance program begins a detailed inspection will be scheduled. This determines maintenance needed. Each time LES Facility Service visits your factory, manufacturing plant or retail building an inspection is carried out for maintenance and repair. This helps prevent an unexpected outage or factory shutdown.

What you Receive with Les Facility Service

When you authorize a planned maintenance agreement with LES Facility Service, you will see results. Furthermore, preventive maintenance performed monthly, or whenever the contract deems, will keep you in business.

Unlike some commercial maintenance management companies, LES Facility Service provides complete preventive maintenance. This includes overhead and parking lot lighting, plumbing, electrical maintenance and painting needs. Your planned maintenance agreement will also include landscaping maintenance and signage inspections or repairs.

Why Choose LES Facility Service?

Preventive maintenance agreements prevent a catastrophe from happening should an electrical outage occur.

Working with LES Facility Service also means you work with one company, not two, three, four or five. At the end of the billing cycle you will receive one invoice for payment making life much easier for accounts payable.

Preventive maintenance is the key. Call and talk to the team from LES Facility Service about a customized commercial maintenance management agreement today.

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