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The Commercial Construction Group that Does More

A commercial construction group that does everything and more is not a rarity. In fact, LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service Inc., does more than most general contractors, and you can bet, more than an electrical subcontractor would do. LES Facility Service saves you time and money.

How Does a Commercial Construction Group Save Money?

General contractors are hired to complete the project. As a result, those general contractors will hire an electrical subcontractor to fit out the electrical. Most general contractors will also hire a plumbing subcontractor, a framing subcontractor, and a landscaping subcontractor. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? LES Facility takes the insanity out of construction with a professional construction group that really does it all.

What Does LES Facility Service Commercial Construction Group Do?

Your new facility will be built on budget and according to schedule with the commercial construction group that includes general contractors and an electrical subcontractor. LES Facility Service handles everything for you from the beginning to completion. Unlike some other construction companies, you will not have to deal with multiple invoices.

A Commercial Construction Company You Can Trust

When it comes to general contractors, not all are on the up and up. They may be farming out work to an electrical contractor only to have you foot the bill at the end of the project.

LES Facility Service provides the electrical subcontractor with one invoice at completion. That contractor from the construction group that your friend recommended may not be as honest; hiring less than professional commercial construction groups isn’t the wisest choice you can make.

When it comes to general contractors go with LES Facility Service. LES Facility Service is the commercial construction group that you trust and afford.

Call for a no-obligation quote from LES Facility Service commercial construction group today.

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