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Breakdown Maintenance

Breakdown Maintenance Prevents Loss While Saving Money

Breakdown maintenance runs companies hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month. Add commercial appliance repair to the mix, and your industrial services are probably cutting into your overhead. With LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., breakdown maintenance is minimal with a commercial maintenance agreement.

What is a Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance Agreement?

LES Facility Service provides custom designed packages to commercial businesses that need preventive and maintenance. Our custom service agreements are made to suit your business’s specific needs.

With services including landscaping, commercial appliance repair, plumbing, electrical, painting, telecommunications, and alternative energy, LES Facility Service meets your needs.

More Affordable Breakdown Maintenance with an Agreement

With a breakdown maintenance contract and a preventive maintenance contract from LES Facility Service, your expensive machinery, and equipment will stay under warranty. Use a local unlicensed HVAC repair person to fix your air conditioner, and your guarantee will probably not stay in place. Unless an authorized repair company recognizes your repair person, the warranty will not stand up.

Your human resources person will no longer have to moonlight as the cleaner, nor will your facilities manager have to stay late to service the conveyor belts. LES Facility Service allows the team to get back to work, consequently making your business more efficient.

Because LES Facility Service does it all with a smile, affordable breakdown maintenance and regular maintenance is smooth and efficient with one company taking care of it all.

Save More with Breakdown Maintenance and Industrial Maintenance

Working with one maintenance company saves time and money. Why would you want to split hairs and farm your needs out to several outlets only to come up short? You wouldn’t because that would just be foolish. Let LES Facility Service take care of your facility while you take care of business.

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