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commercial refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration HVAC for Smart Businesses

Commercial refrigeration, regardless of the industry, runs without incident, unless of course, you neglected to hire HVAC specialists to install your HVAC system.

Because HVAC specialists for commercial refrigeration prevent retail equipment breakdowns and much more, it’s affordable.

That great deal from your local DIY guy may just be the biggest business mistake that you have ever made in your life. Also a huge money loss.

According to LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., commercial refrigeration problems and issues are best left to the professionals. Commercial refrigeration is expensive. Add lost production time to the mix and your business will be running at a loss.

Why You Need a Professional Commercial Refrigeration Company

LES Facility Service has been in the HVAC industry for dozens of years. As distributors, installers and service technicians, LES Facility Service has the know-how and the expertise to install your HVAC system.

Installing that unit you just bought with your best friend over the weekend is a bad idea. That overzealous sales clerk may have sold you something you probably could afford, but have no business installing. As a result, you could lose your investment.

Isn’t a Commercial System the same as the One at Home?

No, it is not. According to LES Facility Service, commercial HVAC systems are completely different from residential HVAC systems, and although both do the same thing by providing cool air in summer and warm air in winter, they cannot be compared.

A commercial HVAC system requires more than changing filters every couple of months. With LES Facility Service and a scheduled maintenance contract, repairs will not be an issue.

For commercial refrigeration from the HVAC specialists, call LES Facility Service and get an affordable quote. The best retail equipment repair company is also the best HVAC installation company.

Call for a quote today.

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