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Commercial Painting and Handyman Services from the Pros

Commercial painting is a big project. Getting the staff together over the weekend for commercial painting may seem like a good idea at the time, but you can bet, it will not be once you begin the project.

Regardless of the facility size, professional painting company is worth its weight in gold.

When it comes to commercial painting and retail maintenance, its best left to the professionals. The local handyman isn’t going to cut it for painting and retail maintenance. LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., never cuts corners. LES Facility Service has been doing it all for decades.

Commercial Painting and Retail Maintenance

Strip malls, large-scale outdoor shopping centers and even small mom and pop retail outlets require retail maintenance and commercial painting from time to time. Depending on the handyman that the shop holder next door recommended is not always a wise choice and could end up costing you money, or more.

An unlicensed handyman usually costs less in the beginning. However, if an accident occurs and the handyman is not insured or bonded, you will be up for his trip to the ER and additional commercial painting costs. If he actually completed the job before his accident, consider yourself lucky.

Retail Maintenance with a Reliable Company

Most large malls do not rely on a handyman for retail maintenance. Most large retail operations hire companies to do the maintenance. Smart companies hire one company to do it all, and that company is LES Facility Service.

LES Facility Service has professional painting contractors, electrical and plumbing contractors, and telecommunications experts. LES Facility Service also supplies facilities with commercial cleaning, landscaping maintenance, and facility maintenance. With LES Facility Service, you can even convert to solar.

One phone call really does it all with LES Facility Service. Call for a no obligation commercial painting and commercial maintenance facilities agreement consultation today.

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