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Commercial Heating and Air Upgrades for Comfortable Business

If your commercial heating and air barely made it through the past year, it’s time to consider updating your HVAC unit.

Commercial heating and air units need air balance testing. Air balance testing from LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service Inc., will confirm once and for all if you need HVAC installation or HVAC repair. Furthermore, humid, smoky, drafty and downright uncomfortable buildings are often caused by an HVAC system that is running poorly due to lack of maintenance or age.

Commercial Heating and Air Upgrade For a More Efficient System

LES Facility Service explains that older HVAC systems cost more money. In addition, even if you are on a monthly maintenance plan, you are still shelling out more than you should with an old HVAC system. Consequently, your overhead is higher.

Maintenance sometimes goes overlooked. Not all facility managers are trained to conduct an air balance testing. LES Facility Service is trained to conduct such testing. Because the experienced team from LES Facility knows how to find negative building pressure, your HVAC system will be diagnosed to determine what steps are needed to get it running as it should. LES facility Service will also take care of the replacement should a new HVAC system be recommended.

Commercial Heating and Air Problems: What to Look For

LES Facility Service looks for smoke capture and entry doors that are difficult to open and other indications of a bad system. Condensation also factors into the equation. Because LES Facility Service has special tools that will monitor the pressure of your facility, your business stays safe and efficient.

Red Flags for Commercial Heating and Air

  • Poor Exhaust Fan Circulation
  • Ceiling Air Supply Leak
  • Improperly Installed OA Dampers
  • Improperly Installed Exhaust Fans
  • Dirty Coil Compartment in the RTU
  • Diffuser Not Properly Insulated
  • Dirty Filters
  • Worn or Broken Bells

Get your commercial and heating and air conditioning system ready for the changing seasons. In addition to air balance testing from LES Facility Service, HVAC maintenance means you won’t be without heat this winter. Call for a quote today.

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