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commercial lighting

Complete Commercial Lighting Inside and Out from LES Facility Service

Commercial lighting entails everything in your facility from your parking lot lighting, egress lighting, underground parking structure lighting and your factory and interior manufacturing lighting.

commercial lighting

LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., are the licensed and preferred commercial electrical contractors who will make sure your lights are always on.

Commercial Lighting for All Facilities

Whether you own a large manufacturing plant or manage a massive shopping center, your commercial lighting maintenance is essential. LES Facility Service takes the headache out of egress lighting and parking lot lighting letting you get back to the business at hand.

Egress Lighting for a Safe and Quick Exit

Many accidents could have been prevented had the facility installed or maintained emergency lighting. Emergency lighting, known as egress lighting helps people find their way out of the facility. Exit signs are also used to help people get out safely in emergency situations.

Ask LES Facility Service about an egress lighting contract for your building. You may think your egress lighting is unimportant, but in drastic circumstances, it can mean life or death.

Parking Lot Commercial Lighting

Having a well-lit parking lot helps customers find your business at night, but they also keep your patrons safe. You could be liable if your parking lot lighting is in sad need of repair. Set up a parking lot lighting maintenance agreement with LES Facility Service and everything will stay lit when you want it to. LES Facility Service will make sure that your timing system is working as it should. Running your lights during the day will cost money.

LES Facility Service has the best maintenance agreement system in place and will customize your plan to include all of your maintenance needs including landscaping, plumbing, electrical, painting and more.

For the best and most reliable facility services company you can’t go past LES Facility Service. Call for a quote commercial lighting quote today.

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