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Energy Efficiency LES Facility Service Means Business

Energy efficiency is important. According to Les Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., being energy efficient goes a long way when it comes to helping the planet.

By keeping your energy usage clean and efficient you will save time and money. Pick up the phone and talk to Les Facility about clean energy and energy efficiency.

Below are a few tips from Les Facility Service that Can Help your business become more energy conscious:

  • Schedule energy audits
  • Purchase energy efficient manufacturing and office equipment
  • Reduce use during peak demand
  • Program thermostats for energy efficiency
  • Turn lights off when not in use
  • Replace old bulbs with energy efficient ones
  • Use natural sunlight whenever possible
  • Run fans
  • Install an evaporative cooler

Les Facility Service conducts energy audits to ensure your facility is running efficiently. Making energy improvements and minimizing energy waste are just a couple of reasons why you need regular energy audits. An energy audit will also look at what your usage is costing you and how you can reduce it.

Les Facility Service will help you monitor and manage your power usage for prime results. By helping reduce the carbon footprint you are being environmentally responsible while lowering energy consumption. An energy audit doesn’t have to be time-consuming or costly. Ask Les Facility about a commercial maintenance program that includes energy audits.

Better Equipment for Energy Efficiency

When you buy equipment that is energy efficient you are going green. Purchasing clean energy tools, machinery and equipment makes your business energy efficient. Shop around and do your research. Some manufacturers will inspect your premises before recommending a clean energy system for your facility.

Reducing use, programming your thermostat and using natural light when you can are things you and your team can do to help reduce your carbon footprint.

However, if you need to install equipment for energy efficiency, Les Facility is the only company to consider. Call for a no obligation clean energy quote today.

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