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commercial lawn care

Commercial Lawn Care and General Facility Maintenance

Commercial lawn care is more than mowing lawns. While some commercial lawn care companies may neglect your bed maintenance and pruning, LES Facility will make sure everything is done properly.

commercial lawn care

A General Maintenance Contractor for All Your Needs

LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric, Inc., offers facility maintenance for electrical, plumbing and lighting. LES Facility Service also provides general contracting services for your factory or manufacturing plant. Regardless of the industry, LES Facility Service is the only name to trust.

Commercial Lawn Care Makes a Difference

Because your landscaping is the first thing people notice when they approach your business it needs to look great. If yours is looking dry and patchy, it could have something to do with the lawn care company. LES Facility Service prides itself on providing facilities just like yours with on time services that will keep your grass looking lush and green. As a result, you could see a boom in business.

Facility Maintenance Services

LES Facility Service offers customized maintenance solutions that every business can afford. LES Facility Service even has financing available. You may think you are saving money hiring your brother in laws local lawn mowing company, but your lawn may not appreciate it. If your lush green gardens are brown and nearly dead, it’s time to call LES Facility Service for commercial lawn care, landscaping and facility maintenance.

General Maintenance Includes Commercial Lawn Care

If your lawn mowing company is charging you for additional general maintenance stop paying them and call LES Facility Service. With a customized solution for general maintenance, you will save time and money.

LES Facility Service is your one-stop shop for electrical, plumbing, lighting, landscaping, lawn care and general maintenance. LES Facility Service can even repaint your factory or rewire your manufacturing plant. Most importantly, LES Facility Service cares.

Call for a no obligation customized commercial lawn care and general maintenance quote today.

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