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factory shutdown

Factory Shutdown Done Right with LES Facility Service

Factory shutdowns are done right with LES Facility Service. LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, provides factory maintenance and factory upgrades for planned or unplanned factory shutdowns. LES Facility Service also provides factory maintenance for incident free factory shutdowns.

What is a Factory Shutdown?

Almost all large facilities require shutdowns from time to time. During a factory shutdown, plant process and equipment improvements are made in the safest and most cost effective manner.

Most shutdowns are complex and must be carried out to minimize a decrease in revenue. With LES Facility Service all factory shutdowns are completed that will help equipment and staff performance. A shutdown allows enables company owners to create problem solving and opportunities that would not have been available had a shutdown not been done.

Factory Shutdown Pros

LES Facility Service evaluates your running operations. This gives the facility the opportunity to reduce material and energy use and minimize safety hazards. A factory shutdown also reduces waste from manufacturing.


During the planning phase of your shutdown, LES Facility Service will determine what is required and the game plan will be.

LES Facility Service recommends designating a decision maker who will make decisions if you are unavailable. As a result, it prevents any situations that could get out of control if you aren’t at the helm.

During the planning phase, the budget is also discussed. It’s all too easy for the budget to spiral out of control without a shutdown plan is in place.

Factory Shutdown Coordination

During the coordination stage, the team will determine task order and workflow logistics. Everyone involved in the factory shutdown including vendors, contractors, external engineers, facility management, engineering, and facility maintenance will coordinate.

When you work with LES Facility Service, one company handles your entire shutdown.

Say goodbye to the endless flow of invoices when you contract LES Facility Service for factory shutdown.

Call for a factory maintenance or factory upgrades quote today.

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