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facility maintenance management

Facility Maintenance Services for a Thriving Business

Facility maintenance services are probably one of the most profitable things you can do for your business. LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., is a building maintenance company that can boost your bottom line.

Are You Spending Too Much on Facility Maintenance Services?

With a facility maintenance management company you can get back to what you do best, run your business. If you are dolling out facility maintenance services to your staff, your production could suffer for it. Even if you are subcontracting your facility maintenance services to other providers, are you feeling lost?

Finding a company that can repaint your roof or get to the source of your plumbing problem can be tough. Most businesses call one company to install their new solar panels and another to handle facility lighting. With LES Facility Service, all of your maintenance will be taken care of. When it’s time to pay the bill, you’ll only have one invoice, not a dozen.

LES Facility Service for Facility Maintenance Services

Are you subcontracting out your energy, electrical, lighting, landscaping, lighting, and janitorial to several different companies? While outsourcing is a great way to cut costs, it can actually increase your monthly expenditures.

With LES Facility Service, you can breathe easier knowing that you are working with a licensed and bonded facility maintenance management company that can do what others can’t. Get numerous jobs done in less time.

Facility Maintenance Services Save Production Time

If you are slowing production on Monday because the electrician is coming to do some wiring, it may not be a problem. However, if you are shutting down your computers on Tuesday for a new router installation, and plumbing repair on Wednesday it could cause problems.

With LES Facility Service, you can have your facility maintenance management tasks taken care of in less time. In addition, your production will increase.

For more information regarding outsourcing facility maintenance services, call and talk to the team from LES Facility Service. You will cut your overhead and your business will thrive.

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