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industrial automation

Industrial Automation Experts at Your Service

Industrial automation systems enable factories and plants to perform operations quickly and easily. Assembly lines and processing equipment require expert programming and regular maintenance to run correctly. If you own or manage a facility that utilizes an industrial automation system, LES Facility Service can help you.

A device called a PLC (programmable logic controller) works like the brain in most industrial automation systems. The PLC tells the machinery precisely what to do and when to do it. Programming a PLC requires training and background knowledge to make sure all processes run smoothly. PLC training for yourself and your staff from LES Facility Service empowers you to perform better. A planned maintenance agreement with LES Facility Service ensures that your equipment always performs at it’s best as well. In addition, planned maintenance saves you money by reducing the risk of breakdown by up to 75%.

Full-Service Industrial Automation Systems Experts that Understand

Protecting your facility infrastructure is a core element in building success. LES Facility Service’s experienced team of commercial and industrial maintenance engineers deliver workable industrial automation systems solutions and much more. Factory turnarounds, code compliance, diagnostics, HVAC, plumbing, janitorial services, lawn care, networking, upgrades, remodels- No matter the size of your facility or the type of project at hand, LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., gives you full-service facility management at every level.

The members of the LES Facility Service team have been trusted service providers for Knoxville area businesses since 1982. Dedication to client satisfaction, transparent business practices, and quality service have set LES Facility Service apart from the competition. For facility managers seeking smart, cost-effective maintenance solutions, LES Facility Service is the company to count on.

Whether you are looking for industrial automation systems solutions, integrated maintenance that works for your budget or emergency repairs right now, contact LES Facility Service. Your business is our top priority.

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