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quality factory services

Quality Factory Services in East Tennessee

Quality factory services are a key component in ensuring facilities remain safe and efficient. Beyond compliance and safety, quality factory services protect your investment and better overall performance.

Quality Factory Services for a Brighter Future

LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Servce, Inc., offers complete maintenance solutions for commercial and industrial facilities throughout East Tennessee and the entire Southeastern United States. The skilled service pros from LES Facility Service have the experience to give your factory the edge needed for sustained success.

Managing a factory is not for the faint of heart. There are many intersecting systems to monitor and maintain. You need one contractor to install and service your HVAC system, another to handle grounds maintenance, someone for plumbing, electric, networking, equipment repair, cleaning…the list goes on. LES Facility Service changes all of that. Our company provides all of these services and more so you don’t have to shop around and pay a hundred service invoices a month. As a result, you’ll have the time and peace of mind to focus on your core business.

At LES Facility Service, quality factory services are our specialty, from shutdowns and turnarounds to thermal scanning and egress lighting. Our high quality assurance standards have client communication at their core. We strive to understand your needs and expectations so that we can provide the best solutions for you.

We’ll perform regularly scheduled walkthroughs and quality control audits to ensure your factory is in excellent condition. This will prevent breakdown and cut maintenance costs. And, we’ll be there to keep you informed, answer questions and address concerns. With quality factory services from LES Facility Service, you’re never left in the dark.

In addition to quality factory services, you can count on LES Facility Service for regular building maintenance, remodels, upgrades, outdoor sign repair, painting, networking, renewable energy and more. Contact LES Facility Service to learn more and to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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