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total facility maintenance

Total Facility Maintenance and Honest Service

Total facility maintenance means TOTAL maintenance. A facility management company that isn’t a turnkey facility maintenance company won’t do you any good. In fact, a facility management company that isn’t handling plumbing, electrical, and commercial cleaning maintenance is a complete waste.

Why Total Turnkey Maintenance Matters

A turnkey service that handles facility maintenance from the top down saves time and money. LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., provides the entire package so you don’t have to shop around for multiple companies to handle your maintenance. A facility management company that does the service, maintenance repairs and provides on-call solutions is the answer to a productive workday.

Total Facility Maintenance with a Facility Management Company

Regardless of your facility, you want it to run without incident. Retail complexes rely on egress lighting while manufacturing facilities can’t do without conveyor belt maintenance.

A facility management company that does it all is an essential part of running a thriving business. Leaving it in the hands of multiple facility management companies isn’t good for you, your team, or your customers.

A Total Facility Maintenance Agreement Saves Money

Just imagine how unproductive your staff would be if your facility management company didn’t handle overhead lighting. Had you scheduled regular maintenance with LES Facility Service your lighting would have been serviced as per your agreement and your team wouldn’t have been left without the lights on.

A maintenance agreement with LES Facility Service is much cheaper than an emergency repair. That other facility management company may be there for commercial cleaning on the day that the fluorescents start to flicker, but there probably isn’t much they can do about your faulty overhead lighting.

Turnkey Facility Maintenance You Can Count On

For total facility maintenance call LES Facility Service for turnkey maintenance when you need it most. Think of the money you will save.

Call for a total facility maintenance quote with LES Facility Service today.

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