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LED sign repair

LED Sign Repair to Keep You in Business

LED sign repair is essential for a thriving business. Without it, you are risking an embarrassing situation. Most people have had a laugh or two about billboards that are in need of LED sign repair.

For the best retail lighting solutions, LES Facility Solutions, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., are the licensed, insured and bonded team of experts that have everything you need for LED sign repair, and much more.

LED Sign Repair and Creative Retail Lighting

If your old LED Sign has seen better days, ask LES Facility Service about creative retail lighting. With retail lighting solutions that outshine the others, you are well ahead of the competition.

Retail Lighting Solutions and LED Repair

For affordable retail lighting solutions call LES Facility Service. Besides being up on the latest lighting technology for both interior and exterior lighting, LES Facility Service has the experience to fit out your facility with 21st lighting solutions.

LED Sign Repair and Facility Maintenance

With a facility maintenance agreement from LES Facility Service, sign repair will not be an issue. In fact, with a planned maintenance agreement sign service is part of the deal. With on-call, one, two, three and five-year facility maintenance agreements available, saying goodbye to LED sign repair is a given. As a result, your facility runs like clockwork.

Facility Maintenance LED Sign Repair and More

As a turnkey operation, LES Facility Service provides electrical, plumbing, commercial cleaning, lighting, landscaping and on-call solutions. As a result, your critical data is not an issue when you work with the team from LES Facility Service.

For the best facility maintenance, including sign repair and creative retail lighting, call LES Facility Service for a quote. 2019 is here; update your retail space now. Call and talk to LES Facility Service about retail lighting solutions, LED sign repair, creative retail lighting, and facility maintenance. As well as peace of mind, you’ll have a smooth running facility.

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