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predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance Gets You Ahead of the Weather

With predictive maintenance, your facility remains save from the elements. Thermal scanning is essential and must be included with your predictive maintenance schedule as this promises to be a harsh winter.

Why Do I Need Predictive Maintenance?

You need preventive maintenance because it protects your business. With thermal scanning from LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc, problems that would otherwise go undetected are discovered and dealt with. With proper thermal scanning, you are assured of code compliance. A visit from the inspector isn’t an issue with predictive maintenance from LES Facility Service.

Depending on your industry, your preventive maintenance needs will differ. A retail complex manager will have completely different service needs than an office building. Although the facilities may be roughly the same size, the preventive maintenance is, in most cases, completely different.

Predictive Maintenance for Unpredictable Weather

Preventive maintenance serviced on a regular basis prevent future problems. If the power suddenly goes out your medical facility is threatened any time there is a power outage.

No one can predict what Mother Nature has in store. However, being prepared with a customized maintenance plan from LES Facility Service is the best way to stop her in her tracks. Keeping your commercial standby generator system in tiptop shape keeps your facility safe. This is especially important if you run an urgent care facility.

Code Compliance with Predictive Maintenance

When you sign an agreement with LES Facility Service for preventive maintenance, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Because if the power goes out the transition to backup power is seamless keeping everyone and everything safe.

For more information regarding predictive maintenance and a maintenance agreement for your facility, regardless of size, call LES Facility Service. It will save you time and money. Call for a no obligation maintenance agreement quote today.

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