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A Licensed Electrician at Your Service 24/7

A licensed electrician isn’t always at your beck and call. A licensed electrical contractor doesn’t work on holidays. Had you done your annual electrical inspection with LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, your commercial electrical woes wouldn’t be an issue.

Why You Need a Licensed Electrician

Chances are the maintenance man who looks after your daily operations is not a licensed electrician. Asking him to do an electrical inspection and expecting it to be up to code is a fifty fifty chance at best. With LES Facility Service, a licensed electrician is always on hand for your bi-annual or annual electrical inspection. From overhead lighting, to mechanical electrical and parking lot lighting an insured electrician is essential.

Commercial Electrical with a Licensed Electrician

Trying to install a new lighting system in your facility without a licensed electrical company is a mistake. Doing so puts your business at risk. During an outage, whether planned or unplanned wrecks havoc with commercial lighting. If a professional from LES Facility Service did not install your system your so-called affordable parking lot lighting may not be covered in the event of a breakdown or complete failure.

An Electrical Inspection from a Licensed Electrician

With an electrical maintenance agreement from LES Facility Service, an electrician for commercial electrical inspects your lighting system checking for faults or failures. During an inspection  During an electrical inspection, anything that you haven’t detected during daily operations is discovered.

An electrical inspection keeps your system going. With regular maintenance, including an electrical inspection your warranty stays intact.

Don’t skimp on the important things. Call LES Facility Service for a no obligation quote. A licensed electrician is waiting to inspect your property, make adjusts, and improve your entire facility.

Call for an appointment today. The safety of your facility and your team depends on it.

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