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energy management solutions

Energy Management Made Smarter

Energy Management in Modern Business

Energy management is more important for modern Industry than ever. Business owners are recognizing the benefits of keeping tabs on their energy usage and taking steps to reduce waste. Innovative solutions in energy management and monitoring from LES Facility Service can help your business save energy and money.

An efficient business model is rooted in managing resources. Energy is a resource that translates into dollars when looking at your bottom line. LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., is a local leader in energy efficiency. With products like Sense and TED (The Energy Detective) to help you keep track of exactly where and when power is being spent, you get convenience and control.

Alternative Energy and Uninterruptible Power

LES Facility Service also provides solutions in commercial solar and backup power generators to keep you in business even when the power is out. Never worry about losing data or facing losses due to downtime. Efficient emergency power is as easy as a call to LES Facility Service.

In addition to energy management, LES Facility Service provides integrated facility solutions to keep your entire infrastructure healthy and eco-friendly. From networking buildouts and upgrades to industrial electrical and HVAC to complete site lighting services, touch-ups, painting and plumbing, get it all covered on a single invoice.

Working Smarter by Working Together

An investment in services from LES Facility Service will be quickly returned to you. Right away you’ll see a reduced incidence of breakdown, more uptime, and savings in energy cost. Over time, a relationship with the trusted professionals at LES Facility Service will help your business grow. You’ll save on projects, upgrades, and maintenance. Plus, you’ll have expert technicians to handle emergency issues even in the middle of the night. A partnership with LES Facility Service means simple peace of mind.


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