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general contractor services

Contractor Services for Development and Commerce

Contractor services are not created equal. In fact, there is a major difference between a general contractor and a contractor who is not licensed as a general contractor. Often times contractor, services are confused leaving the proposed client wondering what they are getting in the end.

Contractor Services and Remodeling Builders

Not all remodeling builders are licensed as general contractors. Be sure to do your due diligence if you are looking for contractor services. Read the reviews. Your facility will be up for an inspection after the remodeling and renovation. You want to be sure it is up to code. If it isn’t, you will literally need to start from scratch.

Had you called LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., you would pass the inspection with ease. Passing the inspection is one-step further to opening for business. Risk it with an unlicensed contract and you are setting yourself up for disaster.

General Contractor Services from LES Facility Service

With LES Facility Service, everything is provided for the project. As a result, LES Facility gets the job done on time and on budget from plumbing and electrical to landscaping and painting . Giving your facility the curb appeal it deserves, LES Facility Service are also landscaping experts.

LES Facility Service are Remodeling Builders

Don’t call a builder that is not licensed to do the job. As licensed remodeling builders LES Facility Service are bonded and insured. You will never have to worry when you sign on the dotted line with LES Facility Service. Sign repair, parking lot light installation and Egress lighting is all handled  by the team from LES Facility Service.

For all of your general contractor services, including plumbing, lighting and more you will not do better than LES Facility Service. Call for an appointment today.

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