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commercial outdoor lighting

Commercial Outdoor Lighting and Site Lighting for Safety

Commercial outdoor lighting should never be taken lightly. From LED flood lighting to site lighting your commercial outdoor lighting setup needs to be strong, sturdy, and ready for the elements. LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service Inc., has commercial outdoor lighting solutions for site lighting that are second to none.

Site Lighting for Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Working with inferior outdoor lighting is unsafe. Without the proper LED flood lights on site, you are risking life and limb, literally. If you aren’t keeping workers safe with equipment that is manufactured for site lighting a team member is at risk. In fact, the entire crew is at risk with inferior outdoor lighting.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting when You Need it Most

It takes planning for site lighting. LES Facility Service provides the best outdoor lighting, even if you didn’t plan ahead. Emergency LED flood lights for site lighting are also a real lifesaver. Call LES Facility Service if you have a lighting crisis.

LED Flood Lights for Site Lighting

From bucket truck services to lamp and ballast change outs and electronic reader board repairs LES Facility Service does it all. Retro fitting your parking lot lights is easy when you work with the licensed and insured electrical contractors. You will have the LED Flood lights you need to get the work done safely and efficiently.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting for Signage

Signage must be visible at all times because missing a couple of bulbs could be disastrous for business, For instance, if your sign reads Bare Feet Hoes instead of Bare Feet Shoes,  missing that S is confusing to say the least.

Keep your commercial outdoor lighting in good repair and call LES Facility Service for a site lighting quote. From LED Flood Lights, parking lot, and sign repairs, you will be pleased with the price, and the service. Call for a quote today.

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