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Commercial Generators to Backup Your Knoxville Business

Most businesses rely on power to make a profit. Without the lights on, most companies would not be able to operate. From conveyor belts in busy factories to hospitals that need power to keep people alive, commercial generators are an essential part of Business, but it’s not just the equipment that needs to stay on.

Commercial Generators for Data Backup

These days most people don’t keep records in books and on paper. A computer does everything from profit and loss statements to invoicing.

Commercial generators keep the power going in a blackout. This backs up your data while keeping the lights on and the equipment running at the same time. There is nothing worse than a power outage just when you are about to sign a deal. With Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., and Generac®, you can have a brand new commercial generator that works automatically to power your Knoxville business.

Power in an Instant

Unlike those gas-powered generators, which do have their place and are a necessary backup, commercial generators work by transferring the power through a switch to the generator. This happens automatically within milliseconds. There is no disruption of power.

If you rely on man-powered gas generators there will always be a loss of power, even if it is only for five minutes.

Commercial Generators for Businesses in Knoxville, Tennessee

Lloyd’s Electric Service is a Power Pro Elite Dealer. This means that Generac® trusts the team to distribute, educate and sell commercial generators.

When you call for a quote, you can bet the team will evaluate your Knoxville facility completely before coming up with an affordable quote.

From data backup to critical equipment, commercial generators keep the power on. Call and schedule a walkthrough with Lloyd’s Electric Service for a quote. It’s more affordable than you think and with easy financing, you can’t go wrong.

Call for an appointment with Lloyd’s Electric Service in Knoxville today.

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