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Generator Care for Knoxville Homes and Businesses Protect Your Investment

Home generators aren’t cheap. If you aren’t protecting your investment, you could see some problems down the road, especially if you have neglected generator care. From the transfer switch to the generator itself, having regular maintenance is an essential part of generator care.

How Often Do I Need Generator Care?

According to Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., A Generac Power Pro Elite Dealer in Knoxville, your home generator can be used for up to 24 months before service. However, if you have been using it more than normal, you’ll need generator care. An annual service will prevent a problem from occurring. Lloyd’s Electric Service also recommends that you change out your battery every three years.

When you have your home generator serviced every year your technician will let you know when you need to swap out your battery, check your transfer switch, and test the home generator for any problems. Ask Lloyd’s Electric Service about a generator maintenance agreement for your Knoxville home or business.

As long as you have adequate propane or natural gas, your generator will continue to run. If your generator has a 500-gallon propane tank, you should be able to run it for 24 hours for seven days. However, without regular service, problems will occur.

Things You Can Do for your Home Generator

Even if you have been using your Generac® generator, Lloyd’s Electric Service recommends that you self-test the unit, including the transfer switch, every seven days, as this ensures your home generator is running as it should. When testing, verify that your home generator is showing no warnings or alarms.

Be sure that your generator is always set to auto mode. This ensures start up when needed. Check that your battery terminals are tight and clean. You’ll want to clear debris outside and inside the enclosure as well. When you schedule bi-annual service with Lloyd’s Electric Service all of the above is part of your service.

Generator care is essential. Have your Knoxville home generator serviced with Lloyd’s Electric Service today.

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